Doze, Niu Chen-zer | Director | Producer | Screen Writer | Editor | "Grey Wolf"
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Born in Taipei, began acting at age of 9. He was the youngest to nominate in the Golden Horse Award for his leading role in “Growing Up” (1983).

He started directing career in 2000 and established Honto Production, Inc in 2002. His TV works have been considered innovative ways of producing TV drama or comedy.

His first feature film: “What on Earth Have I Done Wrong? ” won the 2008 FIPRESCI Prize in Golden Horse Awards, NETPAC Award at Rotterdam Film Festival and was nominated for 2008 Durban International Film Festival, Rome Asian Film Festival, Moscow International Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival, and 2007 South Film Festival.

Doze is the director, producer, and writer of “Monga” .

Lee Lieh | Executive Producer

As an award-winning actress and producer, Lee has been seen in many TV drama and films, known for her remarkable presence as an icon of cool, sophisticated beauty and as one of the few successful female producers among Asian filmmakers.

Her first feature film as executive producer:“Orz Boyz” (2008) reveals the hidden exquisiteness of Taipei City (including the district of old town Monga) and emerging social change people face in out time, “Orz Boyz” hit the no.2 box office in 2008 in Taiwan, winner of multiple Golden Horse Film Awards and Taipei Film Awards.

“Orz Boyz” was also the only Taiwanese film purchased by NHK Japan in 10 years.

Tseng Li-Ting | Screen Writer | Assosiate Producer | Editor

A professional scriptwriter, presently works in Honto Production as a Creative Director. Tseng is a creative partner of Director Doze, Niu Chen-Zer, and has already participated in scriptwriting for numerous TV series and short films.

In the year 2008, by writing “Wayward Kenting”, Tseng won the Best Screenplay at the 44th Golden Bell. Recent film “What on Erath Have I Done Wrong?” won the 2008 FIPRESCI Prize in Golden Horse Awards. Tseng is the Screenplay Writer , Associate Producer , and editer of “Monga”.

Jake Pollock | Director of Photography

American cinematographer, highly active in Taiwan film industry in recent years. Graduated from Film and Television department of NYU.

Famous for his unique style. His works include last year's Chinese blockbuster “The Message” by Kuo-Fu CHEN and Qun-Shu GAO and “Yang Yang” by Yu-Chieh CHENG which screened in the 2009 Berlin Panorama and was recently nominated for best cinematography at the Asian Film Awards.

Duu-Zhi Tu | Director of Sound

Born in 1955 in Taipei, TU was trained in 1973 as a sound engineer in the Film Technicians Training Program conducted by Central Motion Pictures Corporation.

In 1978 he was hired by CMPC as assistant sound engineer, thus began his career in film and has been responsible for the sound recording, editing and mixing of many of the Taiwanese New Wave works. He has been one of the leading sound technicians in the Taiwan film industry since the 1980s, and was instrumental in the sound engineering for the filmmakers of the "Taiwan New Wave." He has been involved in the majority of Taiwanese films that have garnered international critical acclaim.

He worked for HOU Hsiao-Hsien in "City of Sadness," "The Puppetmaster," "Good Men, Good Women," "Flowers of Shanghai," "Millennium Mambo," and Kohi Jikou. His works for Edward YANG include "That Day, On the Beach," "Taipei Story," "The Terrorizer," "A Brighter Summer Day," "A Confusion, Confusion," "Mahjong," and "A One and a Two." His other important works include "A Borrowed Life," (hdirected by WU Nien-Jendu) "The Peach Blossom Land," (directed by Stan LAInt) "In the Mood for Love," (directed by WONG Kar Waia) and "What Time is it There?" (AXIdirected by TSAI Ming-Liang). Tu received the Prix du Jury a Un Technicien for "Millennium Mambo" and "What Time is it There?" at the Cannes Film Festival in 2001.

Huang Mei-Ching | Production Designer

Graduated from the École Internationale du Théâter Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Since 1996, she has worked as the production designer in films, stage design, scenography. Also as art director and assistant director which created with hundreds of commercial films and music videos.

Presently worked as the production designer in film industry. Huang’s philosophical and multi-cultural background reflected on the aesthetics of her work. In 2007, the film “God man Dog”, which was nominated as the best art direction in the 44th Golden Horse Film Festival.

The film “A place of One’s Own” has won her the award of the best art direction in Taipei Film Festival in 2009. Recent films “Monga” and “Au Revoir Taipei” are both nominated in the Panorama Special and the Forum in the 60th Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin.

Chen Po-Jen | Production Designer

Born in 1979 in Taiwan.Art Director and Production Designer in Film and Commercials.

The film “Yang Yang” by Yu-Chieh CHENG which screened in the 2009 Berlin Panorama. Recent films “Monga” and “Au Revoir Taipei” are both nominated in the Panorama Special and the Forum in the 60th Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin.

Ethan Ruan | "Monk" | Follow Ethan on other web platform

Ethan has been the most anticipated fashion icon and young actor in the Chinese Markets. His breakthrough performance in the award winning TV series “Fated to Love You”. “Fated to Love You” achieved record high rating in Taiwan. “Monga“ is his first leading role in a feature film.

Mark Chao | "Mosquito" | Follow Mark on other web platform

Son of top actor and host Chao Shu-hai, Mark’s first performing task was the leading role in TV series “Black & White” , which led him to become the winner of 2009 Golden Bell Award - the Best Actor in a Leading Role. “Monga“ is his first role in a feature film.

Rhydian Vaughan | "Dragon Lee" | Follow Rhydian on other web platform

Debuted at age in the feature film “Winds of September (2008), his outstanding performance caught great deal of media attention and he’s been active performing on TV and films in the past year. “Monga“ is his first leading role in a feature film.

MA Ju-Lung| "Boss Geta"

Having been in the business for 40 years, Ma Ju-Lung is a well-known name in every family in Taiwan. His comeback blockbuster “Cape No.7“ broke the record with a NT$ 530 Million box office in 2008.

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