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“MONGA“ is an action drama that tells a story of youth days, with background of gangs in an epic poetry tone. This is a set of teenage diaries, melancholy and nostalgic praise for old time friendship, in memory of an era. The pursuit of dreams shared by a group of people.


Monga, in the ancient native Ketagalan tribe's language, means "canoe", which they used to trade goods at the intersection of Xindian River and Danshui River, is where the City of Taipei was born, where the rules were established and brotherhood had defended the gangs' interests for a century, then everything began to fall apart, in a gunshot, in one night, in the good old 1980s.

You have to fight them first, or they’ll fight you!


There Mosquito and his fellows learned, in the streets of Monga, there is only one way to survive is: be stronger than your enemies.

Mosquito, Monk, Dragon, Monkey and A-Po, five teenagers joined “Prince Gang”, simply because Mosquito’s lunch was snatched on his first day transferred to the high school in Monga, and they are all tired of being bullied.

While they enjoyed their young gangster lifestyle and ready to take over the streets, the powerful others have casted greedy eyes on the prosperous Monga. The kids just knew nothing about it.

Before the Storm: the last Glory of the Old Town

Geta, the boss of Temple Front Gang, takes the responsibilities of explaining to the young gangsters the legacy that has been established by the founders of Monga, the fighting for resources and honors, the meaning of brotherhood, how dozens of gangs settled territorial arrangements inside a block within1km radius, and the value of absolute trust and reliability.

Making Love out of Nothing at All


In the 1980s, everything seemed so nice; even they didn’t know what it means. They didn’t know any word of the Air Supply song” Making Love out of Nothing At All”, but they are happy listening and humming to the melody. Mosquito couldn’t tell why he wanted to be a gangster, just like Ning couldn’t answer the question why she became a prostitute. They are making love of nothing at all, but they are happy, because they didn’t know anything….

The First Gunshot of Taiwan


What Geta didn’t know about, was the storm that was going to destroy all that orders remaining and the last glory of the Old Town Monga. The Mainlander gang, the flooding fir arms, and new settlements between new forces were going to change his and the Prince Gang kids’ nice little world.

The first gunshot of Taiwan happened in Monga. It was the first gun fire for private interest after the long dictatorship and rapid economic development; the first case of a junior gangster killing his own boss, after that, Monga was never the same…


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