The only child of single mother who owns a small beauty salon.

Favorite food: chicken legs. He likes music, is shy, naive, defensive, lack of social skills, and tends to hide himself.

Deeply believing in brotherhood, he worships the core value of his peer group and takes it as his best-effective drug for energy and self-esteem. It is the belief in brotherhood and friendship that supports him on the way to understand the gangs, the society, and the reality.


His family runs a Buddhist supply shop next to Long Shang Temple, the oldest and largest historical hotspot of Taipei.
He is an intelligent, calm forward-thinking person; he’s the think tank for Dragon and the behind-the-scene leader.
Having been assigned by his father to a position in the gang since very young, he believes that he’s chosen by the god to bring the greatest interest to Monga. Brotherhood for Monk, is a measure, a irrational way of handling matters. The very last emotional part of him is the love for best friend Dragon.

Dragon Lee

Son of Geta, the boss of Temple Front Gang. He was meant to be the successor of his father’s career and power.
He loves partying, always wants to be on top, showing off, and plays cool; in fact, he lacks sense of security. His taking care of his bros reflects his hidden desire for self-protection.

He defines brotherhood as a form of power, orders and rules, an unconscious measure to control others, an emotion he though he understands but actually he never does.

Boss Geta

Boss of Temple Front Gang, believes in Bushido, famous for old time triumph fighting enemies with his Geta (Japanese wooden sandals). Rumor says he betrayed Monk’s father in order to become the boss.


Belongs to Back Alley Gang. He is a gloomy sophisticated
thinker who goal is to take over the entire Monga. He met
the “Mainlanders” in jail, killed his own boss
and stood against Geta.

Dog Boy

Cousin of Wim Kian, he snatched Mosquito’s chicken leg,
raped Dragon’s girlfriend, bullying classmates around….all
brought him big trouble.


Raised by his grandfather, who lives on the Herb Street.
He moves fast like a monkey, knows a bit of every kung-fu fighting style, always looking funny and care-free, inside he’s a complex mind where reality and dream conflict each other.

He sees brotherhood as a reason to fight for and die for, is a royal order, an undeniable request that is higher than everything, including his personal value.

A- Po

Only child of a Butcher, lives in the Meat Market.
He weighs over 90 kilograms, claimed to be a hero and lover boy, but he is also known as a cowardly gambler, whoremonger and liar.
He uses the term brotherhood as a disguise to take advantage of whatever he can get, is a tool for an opportunist like him, and is the truth that only fools would believe.


An unlicensed prostitute of Treasure Borough, she is mixed
of the beauty and the hideous, has a big green birthmark
on her face, a silent living tragic childhood story.
Mosquito’s love and shelter.

Grey Wolf

Boss of the “Mainlander” Gang, the first Mainlander
who tries to enter Monga. Past lover of Mosquito’s mother.

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